7 Benefits of Copper Cups

First, let’s talk about the definition of ayurveda, which will be one of the themes of this article. Ayurveda’s origin point is India, a 5,000-year-old natural healing system based on Vedic culture.

Vedic culture

The ayurvedic system is a lifestyle that includes aromatherapy and sports activities which will increase our consciousness, boost health, delay aging, increase our quality of life in general, and allow us to be happier and peaceful.

And according to this system, water, our main source of liquid, has the effect of “Tamara Jal”, which is considered a source of healing and believed to have a healing power when stored and drunk in copper containers.

What are the benefits?

Repels bacteria

Copper oligodynamic effect

Copper is known to have the oligodynamic effect. In this way, it has the ability to kill bacteria. It is especially effective against e.coli and s.aureus which are quite common and causes various diseases in humans.

Purifies, cleanses, and stelizes water

Because of its above properties, copper also sterilizes water. Copper containers are used to sterilize water in countries where sanitation systems are not developed.

stelizes water

A small note: You may not be able to drink water from a copper cup, if that is the case; it is recommended to keep the water in a copper bowl for 8 hours and pour it into the glasses you use daily.

Activates our brain

Activates brain

Our brain performs its task with nerve carriers that transmit data. These conductors are coated with a substance called myelin that accelerates the neurons. By helping to accelerate neuron transmission, copper boosts the exchange of data in our brains and allows us to think effectively.

Boosts the thyroid gland

Thyroid Gland

Lack of copper levels in the body prevents the regular functioning of the thyroid glands, but copper has important minerals that the thyroid gland needs to perform its functions.

When drinking water from a copper cup, the possible mineral deficiency in the body is eliminated significantly and the functions of the secretory gland become regular.

Makes you gain a positive perspective on life

positive thinking

At the same time, according to the Ayurvedic thought and health system, copper containers have the property of loading positive electricity into water, and this positive electricity allows the body to balance in a neural sense.

It makes you forget about your pains as if they were your high school friends.


Drinking water that is enriched by copper also has the ability to relieve joint pain caused by calcification and rheumatism.

Cleans and rejuvenates your skin

rejuvenates skin

Melanin protects the body and allows wounds to heal faster, preventing acne and rashes. Copper, which is very effective in melanin production, allows the formation of this substance. Because it directly contacts the water you drink, you can benefit from this property of copper.

By the way, another fleeting note: it is also very important that the copper products you use are tinned and sterile.

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