About Turkish Towels

  • Peshtemal is a multi-purpose thin-a variety of Turkish Towels. If it is wanted and desired you can use these towels anywhere and anytime needed.
  • It is very economical and with high quality. Despite the towel’s cheap price, when it is compared with the standard towels, you’ll see how good quality it has.
  • Peshtemals is a practical option for home use in the bathroom. Peshtemal is the perfect choice for your active life. It can be used in the gym, yoga class, pool, bath, and beach or at your boat. Lightweight and small footprint for all your sports activities, you can carry it conveniently with you.
  • Peshtemal is a stylish and unique accessory for the summer.
  • You can use it as a stylish wrap or as cover at the beach, on the boat or at the pool. It is very light. So, it would be a great choice for camping or travel.
  • You can use it for baby care too. After taking the babe’s shower or while changing its diaper, it can be put under.
  • Peshtemal can be a good accessory for your home. You can use them such as tablecloths or blankets. You can present it as a gift to the ones you love.
  • Peshtemal is suitable for use in many businesses; Hotelsfitness centerspoolsmassage centers and also such as in many places of service to guests, it can be presented to the use for customers.
Turkish cotton towels colorful

Woven with quality;

  • High absorbs water and dries quickly.
  • Peshtemal is Lightweight and versatile,
  • It is environmentally friendly. Cotton is lesser used than normal towels. In its production phase, less water and energy is used.
  • It is suitable for resistant to frequent washing. You will not experience with no abrasion or tear.
  • Turkish towels is completely natural.
  • It is healthy.

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