How to make Turkish Coffee?

Make Turkish coffee easily.

What are the tips?

You need, for One Cup of Turkish Coffee (Mildly Sweetened):

  • Cold potable water of one cup
  • It is better to use unchlorinated water with a soft taste even though the difference is hardly remarkable by anybody.
  • One full dessert spoon of Turkish coffee
  • One cube sugar or granulated sugar full of one caddy spoon
  • Turkish Coffee Pot, Cezve (Not necessarily copper, but foamed coffee requires a coffee pot at right size. To prepare multiple coffees you might need to have a coffee pot set.)
  • Pre-heated coffee cup made of thin porcelain. (Ones with slim bottom part and wide upper part protect the foam.)

How to cook Turkish coffee?

Coffee Recipe:

Put cup measured water into the pot. Add sugar and coffee on it and mix it on low heat until coffee melts.

With sugar, rather than plain (without sugar) coffee, it is easier to have foam. However, excessive usage of sugar will avoid reaching the taste of coffee. If less sweetened coffee is desired, it is enough to add half of cube sugar or half caddy spoon of granulated sugar.

Mixing it too much during cooking could also destroy the foam. If present, on grill or coal fire, by cooking on cinder or on ash, it is possible to prepare ash coffee. By putting the coffee pot on a tank full of sand on electric stove, it is possible to have sand coffee. The assumption that this type of cooking would provide a higher quality of flavor derives from the fact that coffee is not exposed to fire directly, but indirectly and for longer time.

When the coffee rises boiling on low heat, pour half of it into the cup with foam. Put the rest on fire again. When second half rises again, add it to cup. This method is especially useful in case you cook more than one cup. The coffee should be poured carefully by side of the cup, paying attention to protect the foam.

Cooked coffee with grounds subsided in a short time and a load of foam, smelling soft and beautiful, should be served with a glass of cold water. In case it is cooked in traditional way, there will be no need for methods like adding soda or using brands with prepared foam.

Benefits of Turkish Coffee

Even though it is a little bit exaggeration that this pleasure of a few sips will provide a gratitude of at least 40 years, it is expected that it has some benefits. No, fortune telling, the shape that grounds take does not tell about the future. It is supposed to be recuperative for some types of cancer, high cholesterol and blood pressure, dymnesia, parkinson disease, depression, some pains, diabetes, cellulite; and to help to digestion, concentration, alerting mental activity, increasing attention, and memorization with almost 50 mg of caffeine which one cup includes.

Make Turkish Coffee

Harms for Health

Excessive consumption could cause stomach problems, high blood pressure, tachycardia, rachitis, and insomnia. In pregnancy, excessive caffeine could increase risk of abort.

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  1. Thank you for this very informative guide. I had to make a few attempts at making Turkish coffee before i got it right. There was some problem over boiling and I ruined the crema the first few times. I then got it right and now i can enjoy Turkish coffee whenever I want to. Thank you.

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