Turkish Dolma, Yaprak Sarma and Meatball Machine

Rolling Machine for Stuffed Grape Leaf. Turkish Dolma, Yaprak Sarma Machine. Practical, stuffed winding machine.

Now very easy to roll the grape leaves and quick!

How to use Turkish Dolma Machine


  1. Depending on the thickness required, adjust the lever to 1, 2, or 3. Level 3 = Thinnest.
  2. Place the roller on a flat area, the lever facing you. Lay the leaf on the roller band and pull back a little with your fingers.
  3. Spoon the material inside the leaf, in the amount based on required thickness.
  4. Push the lever forward and your stuffed leaf will be ready to be cooked. Bon appetite.
  • Level 1: Grape leaves & cabbages
  • Level 2: Stuffed phyllo dough, various meatball recipes
  • Level 3: Thinnest level, as desired

You can it for also: Deep fried rolls with cheese filling or small rols of pastry filled with meat or spring


– Use margarine to grease the black belt before use.
– Too much or too little of the stuffing may complicate functionality
– When done, wipe the roller with soap and rinse with water. No dishwasher. You must make sure it is dry before storing.

Detail about the shipment cost:

Item weighs light as well as being manufactured of plastic. Therefore it needs to be sent in a cartonbox. Otherwise it will definetely be damaged during the shipment. This will raise the cost. Please consider this probably when you are purchasing the item.