Where Can I Buy Turkish Towels?

A Turkish towel is a towel made in Turkey on looms with Turkish cotton. Turkish towels were invented in the 17th century in Bursa, Turkey. They also can be called Turkish peshtemal bath towels, pestemals, and hammams.

Now you know what a Turkish towel is, and you know that the secret to a Turkish towel’s absorbency is thanks to Turkish cotton.

Quality varies from weaver to weaver and a higher priced towel typically reflects a higher quality product.

You’ll want to look for Turkish towels that are hand-loomed in Turkey, and made from 100% First Grade Turkish cotton. Turkish towels are not fast-fashion. They’re an artisan crafted textile.

Pro tip: Avoid “made with Turkish cotton” – that means it’s only partially made from Turkish cotton. It should say 100% Turkish Cotton.

The most important is:

Be careful who you shop from. Make sure you’re getting real Turkish towels. When you buy from turkishbox.com, you’re getting the real thing.

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Families and entire communities depend on the production and sale of Turkish towels to support their livelihood. So every time you purchase turkishbox.com towel, you’re supporting a community, an ancient craft and a sustainable product. It’s definitely a win-win 🙂

After all, a towel is a really personal belonging. Think about it. You use a towel every day, multiple times a day, on your most exposed and intimate body parts. Honestly, your towel probably sees you naked more than anyone else in your life. So yes, they’re personal – and because Turkish towels only get better with use (fun fact), they easily become a part of more than your bathroom routine.  They become a part of your home, a part of your life.

With the Turkish towels you have bought from you have bought from turkishbox.com; definitely you will feel the sensation and softness on your skin.

How do you see yourself using your Turkish towels? There are SO many ways to use them.

Turkish towels many ways to use

You can use them both as bath AND beach towels. You can easily use the same towel for the bath and the beach – because the style suits both settings. You can use it as a travel towel because they’re lightweight and easily fit in a carry-on bag while leaving room for clothes, shoes, and other travel necessities. 

On the beach you can use it as a cute cover-up, sarong or as a dress. To pull off this beachy look, try turkishbox.com Saltwater Stripe.

See how real-life TurkishBOX customers use their towels

They’re also ideal for travel because they air dry quickly. You won’t have to pack a sopping wet towel in your bag!

Are Turkish Towels Really Absorbent?

We’ve been over this. Yes! And with proper care they will become more absorbent. Over time the long fibers of the Turkish cotton open up allowing more water to absorb into the towel. The Turkish towels you have bought from turkishbox.com will definitely be highly absorbent.