Cacala Pestemal Turkish Towel Reviews & FAQs

Questions, answers and reviews about Cacala Peshtemal Turkish Towels.


Perfect for beach!

It packs down very small and works excellent as a light blanket on planes. I have taken it to the beach and used it as a beach blanket. It is absorbent and dries very quickly. I’d recommend this towel and will be buying another towel from turkishbox. Thank you!

LeslieM (verified owner) – December 4, 2019

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Is this a towel, blanket or bathrobe?

Basically, it is a towel. Probably the reason they referred to it as a “robe” is that you can wrap it around you over your swimsuit or in a spa (or like a parero). This dries quickly, & eliminates the yucky feeling of laying on a plastic lounge chair. It is quite large (see the dimensions) so it covers a lot. You can wrap a baby in it to keep him/her warm. It packs well because it is thin. There are many other uses such as laying down on the ground for a picnic, at an outdoor theater if it gets chilly, in the car, placing a baby on it to change diapers,etc.

After washing, should i put this in the dryer, or should i hang it dry?

We would recommend you to hang it dry. It dries real quick. You can put in dryer for no more than ten minutes then hang to dry. The dryer for a short period of time seems to take the wrinkles out without shrinking the fibers.

Are these towels hand loomed?

This one is 50% hand loomed. We have 100% hand loomed pestemal towels too.

Are these soft enough to use for baby?

Yes, definitely. Cacala pestemals (Turkish Towels) are soft enough to use for baby. They will be even softer after a couple washes.

Where are these made?

Denizli, Turkey.

Are they made of Turkish Cotton?

This towels made of 100% Turkish cotton. These towels are very nicely absorbent, much as the old Turkish cotton dish towels used to be, before synthetic dishtowels became the norm.

Is it carded yarn, or combed yarn?

Combed yarn. Very light and smooth

Can I use this as a yoga blanket?

Of course you can. This towels can replace many things for You. You can use it for just about anything.

Which type of dye did used?

All items are dyed with natural color sources. Using eco-friendly reactive dye (OEKO-TEX certificate -EU standards) and some of our Cacala pestemals are made of recycled yarns which does not require any extra dying.

How much does this item weight?

They weight 300 grams (About 0,65 pounds)

Is it organic cotton?

No. Only 100% cotton.

Why is it recommended not to put in the dryer?

Since the temperature in a drying machine depends on many variables, the majority of textiles companies do not recommend this method of drying.

How large is this towel? Is it more square like a picnic blanket per the dimensions?

These are 95×175 cm (37×70 inches). You can compare it to the size of a bath sheet. It’s the shape of a large towel. Not as big as the beach blanket towels but a normal big bath towel.

Do you think these type of towel can be also used for the beach or too thin?

They are perfect for the beach. They are bigger than most beach towels and they dry super fast. And they are thick enough for the beach yet still pack up small.

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  1. Lightweight, fast drying, easy to clean and take up little space. Traditional towels, no matter how new, always ended up with the musty, mildew scent after steady use. What I love about these the most is that the nasty smell doesn’t become an issue.

  2. I love the color and style of these. I still use them because the color and pattern are lovely. They’re also nice as a beach wrap.

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