Ephesus | Ancient City, İzmir, Selçuk Turkey

Ephesus Turkey

The “Ephesus” World Heritage Site, which was included in the World Heritage List, consists of four components: Çukuriçi Mound, Ayasuluk Hill (Selçuk Castle, St. John’s Basilica, Isa Bey Bath, Isa Bey Mosque, Artemision), Ancient City of Ephesus and House of Virgin Mary.

History of Turkish Çini Art

History of Turkish Ceramics Cini Art

History of Turkish Ceramics (Çini, Tile Art) Çini is a kind of ornamentation art, mostly a mixture of architectural ornaments, daily use items or objects for decoration purposes. They are shaped objects from mud which is usually kaolin, quartz, clay and feldspar mixed with a certain amount of water. These products are fired in high-grade … Read more

Turkish Coffee Reading

Turkish Coffee Fortune Telling

Turkish Coffee fortune telling that has been used as a method of prophecy has some ground rules. Those rules are not written in books, and can’t be learned by reading scholarly articles. The best way to learn how to read a fortune is by our mothers, our aunts. If you’re wondering how to read Turkish … Read more

7 Benefits of Copper Cups

Benefits Copper Cups

First, let’s talk about the definition of ayurveda, which will be one of the themes of this article. Ayurveda’s origin point is India, a 5,000-year-old natural healing system based on Vedic culture. The ayurvedic system is a lifestyle that includes aromatherapy and sports activities which will increase our consciousness, boost health, delay aging, increase our … Read more