Turkish Coffee Reading

Turkish Coffee fortune telling that has been used as a method of prophecy has some ground rules. Those rules are not written in books, and can’t be learned by reading scholarly articles. The best way to learn how to read a fortune is by our mothers, our aunts. If you’re wondering how to read Turkish coffee grounds, let’s begin. We’ve explained coffee fortune telling techniques one by one.


1. Faith comes first: After closing the cup, we turn it counterclockwise 3 times over our heads.

Faith comes first

Then we turn the cup with the tray upside down and make a wish by saying, “Master of coffee get into my heart, then into my fortune.” It’s probably more important to do this than reading grounds. The foundation in reading is to put wishes in a coffee cup and trust in it.

2. Then we put metal objects such as coins and rings on the cup to make it cool faster so that fate does not delay.

coins and rings on the cup

Besides, some fortune tellers believe that this repels the evil spirits in the cup.

3. After waiting for about 10 minutes, we position ourselves so that the light goes directly into the cup.

waiting for about 10 minutes

Good fortune-tellers trust in the direction and reflection of light.

4. We open the cup by saying “whatever is my bearing, let it be shown.” As light as a bird and with faith.

open the cup by saying

If the cup is stuck to the plate and does not open, we do not neglect to say, “Oh, this is Sultan’s fortune-telling, my wish will be accepted.” Once we open the cup, we begin to read clockwise from where the cup handle is. In addition, when the handle is on the opposite of us, the part on the right is positive, the part on the left is negative. Also, we interpret what is left at the bottom of the cup as long-term events and what is left above as bound-to-happen-soon events.

Now let’s look at the meaning of the figures.

5. First, we look at the bottom of the cup, the bottom of the coffee shows the bottom of the heart. Everything that’s hidden lays there.

we look at the bottom of the cup

That’s why they say,” you’re heartbroken.” A full cup is a sign of distress, grief, and responsibility. And, of course, that’s how most people’s cup opens, because life’s not easy, as they say.

6. If the bottom of the cup is clean, we say that the person is relieved and has achieved comfort.

bottom of the cup is clean

It’s a sign that the person will be starting to get out of trouble soon. Ripples, signs, spills…Each of them has a different interpretation. When you’re fortune-telling, you need to listen not only to the other person but also to yourself.

7. If the ground on the bottom is similar to the image, we interpret it as a person will get rid of their troubles by saying that the moon was born in their heart.

similar to the image

8. Eye


It is said that you have the evil eye. The evil eye is actually a matter of “bad energy”, which is scientifically proven. The eye and all forms similar to the eye indicate that the person is looked upon.

9. Horse


Horse, in a coffee fortune reading, is a sign of wishes. It is interpreted as one’s wish will come true. It’s not possible to know how soon the wish will come true, but seeing a horse in a fortune is really lucky.

10. Fish


It indicates prosperity. Or a gift. As a symbol, it is also said that this prosperity will bring short-term refreshment, although it is not very permanent.

11. Road


The interpretation of the road is clear. It symbolizes a road will be taken. Time is specified according to the length of the road. If the front of the road is open, it means good; if it is closed, it means bad. If the roads are transverse and not perpendicular, they symbolize telegraph or telephone wires. Sure, now the phones are wireless, but it still means you’ll hear from someone far away. It’s necessary to look where the roads go, and just like a mother advises her child, advise about the dangers and obstacles on the road.

12. Bird


It’s a sign that says you will be having news or guests. These are news and guests that you will usually be pleased with.

13. Heart


A heart that is a symbol of love indicates a person will soon start a relationship or get married.

14. Numbers and letters

Numbers and letters

The numbers indicate the immediacy or the date of the expected event. Although letters are generally associated with someone from a person’s immediate environment, each letter has its own special meaning, and these meanings may vary depending on the symbols that appear next to it. Of course, the Abjad calculation is always taken into account when interpreting.

15. Mouse


It suggests that there may be some negative events. These are events like theft, pickpocketing, etc. But don’t be afraid, because it was in your fortune-telling, and now you know. So, you can take precautions.

16. Key


You’ll finally get that house you were dreaming about. If you’re renting, you’ll be able to move into your own house. You can relax.

17. Rings


You no longer need to feel sorry for your loved ones who are looking to settle down. Fortune shows a ring! Of course, you could be the one getting married. Be careful, the lower the location of the ring is in the cup, the shorter the time. As it moves up, the realization time gets longer.

18. Serpent


Oh, that sneaky serpent. What good has it been to anyone ever? If a serpent appeared in your coffee reading, it is interpreted that harm will come to you from someone close. You should be more careful with who you nourish in your bosom.

19. Camel


Are you too upset? You can relax a little. Although it is as slow as a camel, your fate is on its way as loaded as a camel. Just a little more patience.

20. Too many people

Too many people

It suggests that you will soon enter a crowded and auspicious environment, such as a wedding, engagement. Get your jewelry gifts ready in advance.

21. Flag


Finally, your dream is coming true. It means that you or the person whom you closed the coffee cup on behalf of will receive good news from a government office or start working at a government agency. Of course, now is the time to share some baklava around.

22. A pregnant woman

A pregnant woman

It is interpreted as a person in the household or close to the household will have children in a short time. Soon you can take that cute baby in your arms and play peek-a-boo.

23. Shoes/boots

Shoes or boots

It is a good idea to be careful in your work life. Analyze well the developments in the workplace, so that you don’t end up on a dead road.

24. Moon


The moon that helped us find our path in the dead of the night will visit your house. Your long-standing troubles are coming to an end.

25. Turtle


You’ve had a wish for a long time and you’ve been waiting. Just a little more patience. Your wishes will come true slowly, not immediately. But beware, if the turtle you see is upside-down, your wish will not come true. Take precautions.

26. Bull


Pleasant relations with “the one” awaits you. You will not believe how these relations will change positively in the near future.

27. Peacock


This bird will bring you as much money as the colors on its feathers. You’re getting better financially. No worries.

28. Tree


Your fate will bloom like trees. Your misfortune ends finally. Sunny days are on the verge.

29. Car


It will be good for you to get away from your everyday environment just briefly. You’re going on a trip, and your kismet is blossoming.

30. Horseshoe


Horseshoe is hung on the door sills in Turkey for good luck. If you see one in your cup, just be happy about it. You’re getting lucky.

31. Dragon


This ugly mystical animal will probably show up to ruin your works. Don’t be intimidated, fight it.

32. House


It has various meanings. If you want to own a house, it will come true. If you want to get married, you will get married. If you don’t want either of them, you’ll get good news.

33. Ship


Isn’t a cruise the most convenient way of traveling? So, you will also go on a beautiful journey, relax a little, free from stress.

34. Bride


“The bride rode a horse and asked for wishes.” There’s a marriage coming up. Congratulations in advance.

35. Lamp/candle

Lamp or candle

You’re being enlightened. You’ll get rid of your troubles. Happy days will be coming soon.

36. Coffin


Although it is usually a sign of difficulties and debts, some fortune-tellers say that the meaning of the coffin is actually to get good news. Don’t worry. It’s just good to be cautious about distressing situations.

37. Question mark

Question mark

There will be situations that will require you to choose from. If you choose the right path, you will face a bright future. Don’t decide without pondering over.

38. Plane


You may have to take a sudden trip. And you’re getting better financially.

39. Star


You will shine as do the stars. Your rise in business is very soon.

40. Butterfly


The life of this animal is always short and beautiful. You will also experience short-term happiness.

41. And finally, we pour the grounds on the tray into the cup and turn it over. If the grounds flow from the tray, your wish will be granted. Then we interpret the tray and finish reading.

final turkish coffee reading

Also, we don’t forget to wash the cup and tray immediately so that our fortune will come out.