False Facts About Turkish Coffee

Özdemir Pasha, the governor of Yemen, loves the coffee he drinks for the first time in his life and brings it to Istanbul in 1543. Yemen coffee meets the Turkish culture and a new coffee, which is delicious, tasty, foamy, and known as Turkish Coffee emerges. Turkish people love the Turkish coffee a lot, internalizes it, addicts appear, and even new idioms are created for the coffee. When this coffee is adored this much, many false facts begin to be talked about in the community. Here are the false facts about Turkish coffee…

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Should the water served with the coffee be drunk before or after?

Turkish Coffee Water glass

A glass of water must be served with Turkish coffee. Today, people usually drink water after their coffee. However, it is rumored that water is served to understand whether the guest is hungry or not in old times. If the guest will drink the water first, then he/she is hungry, and the homeowner will set a table for the guest. However, the facts are a little bit different. The main goal of the water that is served with the coffee is to clean the mouth in case a meal was eaten before the coffee so that you can get the real taste of the coffee…

Why Turkish Delight is served with Turkish Coffee?

Turkish Delight with Turkish Coffee

One of the indispensable flavors served with Turkish coffee is Turkish delight. Today, people believe that the chocolate or Turkish delight served with the Turkish coffee is used to sweeten the mouth. However, the truth is a little bit different. Again, according to the rumors, Turkish delight is served with Turkish coffee in the past to measure guest’s degree of satisfaction. If the guest will eat the Turkish delight first, he or she will give a message such as “the hospitality was as good as Turkish delight”.

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What are the benefits of Turkish Coffee?

Turkish coffee is drunk without straining due to the coffee grounds settle. It is quite healthy since you do not drink the coffee grounds. Turkish coffee has many benefits when you do not overconsume it…

  • Turkish coffee has antioxidant and edema removing effect. This is beneficial for both the heart and body.
  • Unlike what is believed, Turkish coffee does not cause much water loss unless you overconsume it and it only helps you to get rid of your edema.
  • One of the most frequently asked questions is, “does Turkish coffee help to lose weight?” Since Turkish coffee will speed up your metabolism, it can help you to lose weight.
  • When it is applied to the skin by a massage, it will make your skin brighter and livelier.
  • It enhances the effect of pain relievers and helps you to get faster results.
  • It balanced the cholesterol.
  • It is heart-friendly and serves as a cancer preventive.

Is Turkish Coffee harmful?

Cup of Turkish Coffee

This is one of the frequently asked questions by Turkish coffee lovers. Especially ladies who love coffee often wonder “Is Turkish coffee harmful” during their pregnancy. In fact, the reason why people believe Turkish coffee is harmful is due to the caffeine in it.

A cup of Turkish coffee contains 60 mg of caffeine. An average person can consume 300 mg caffeine daily at maximum. This amount can decrease up to 200 mg during pregnancy. Of course, coffee is not a beverage that contains caffeine. Therefore, overconsumption of caffeine can lead to problems such as heart rhythm disorders, ulcers, and insomnia. Overconsumption of coffee during pregnancy can negatively affect the baby’s development. Two cups of coffee daily are not harmful to regular people while a cup of coffee is not harmful to pregnant. However, you should note overconsumption of anything will be harmful!

You need to pay attention to not overconsume Turkish coffee and consider the amount of caffeine you get from other products!

You can prepare delicious coffee with Turkish Coffee Maker and enjoy the benefits of the coffee without overconsuming it.

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