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Dalan Antique Olive Oil Soap

Dalan Antique 100% pure Olive Oil soap for 70 years

Olive Oil Soap by Dalan

Dalan Antique, 100% pure olive oil soap, is an indispensable natural beauty remedy of Turkish bath culture. It is continues to be produced with traditional handmade methods for 70 years.

100% Natural, from 100% Aegean olive

Dalan Antique is made from 100% pure Aegean olive oil which also gives its natural colour. In order to a ensure sustainable quality. Dalan produces its own olive oil and saponifies its soaps in-house.

Effective againts hair loss and dandurff

Dalan Antique has been proven to help prevent dandurff and hair loss by an Independenti International Accredited Laboratory*.

Dalan Antique can be safely used for all hair types and helps your hair to regain its health and natural softness upon continual use.

Suitable for all skin types

Thanks to repairing properties of Vitamin E and Antioxidants found naturally in Olive Oil, Dalan Antique nourishes your skin. Dalan Antique is suitable for all skin types and can also be used to wash delicate clothes and baby wear.

*Using Dalan Antique for 4 weeks has been proven to be effective againts hair loss and dandurff by an Independent, International Accredited Laboratory.

Arko Shaving Soap Sticks

Arko shaving soap sticks provide a great lather and are economical to use. Arko is tallow based and bursts with lather. The scent is clean & fresh. These shaving sticks feature the classic Arko packaging design that is universally appreciated.

Arko Shaving Soap Pack (12x)

It’s cramy formula provides easy and comfortable shave.

Each stick is individually paper wrapped.

Arko shaving soap stick has been used by generations of Turkish Barbers.