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Turkish Tea by CAYKUR | Earl Grey, Green, Organic, Black Tea

Caykur Turkish Tea

ÇAYKUR is the leading tea producer of Turkey and is state owned.

With plantations in the northeastern city of Rize by the Black sea coast, Caykur tea produces more than half of all Turkish tea consumed in Turkey, which is the highest per capital in the world! The cultivation process is stringent and heavily controlled as Turkish law has a mandate on the production licensing and importing of tea produce. Caykur tea meets all of the criteria and has state of the art facilities with organic production certification awarded by Swiss authorities in 2013.

Tea World Pesticides

Did you know that all tea-growing countries have got pesticides in their tea except Turkey and Georgia? Yes, it is true. But why? As you know, most other tea-growing countries are in tropical areas. In these areas there is very little snow and no winter.

Many bacteria, fungi, and insects thrive in tropical areas. How are they destroyed? The only solution is they are using pesticides against them. They have no choice.

The tea consumer who cares about his or her health does have a choice. This choice is provided by Turkish and Georgian tea farmers. Their farms are in a subtropical area, where the temperature can fall below zero degrees and snow does fall. Bacteria, fungi, and insects can not live in such conditions.

Therefore, pesticide is not necessary. That’s right, pesticide free.

You may not know that in 1999, seventy-two pesticides were found in the tea of different countries in Europe except for Turkish and Georgian tea

For more info: http://www.caykur-tea.com/

Divan Turkish Delights

Pistachio Turkish Delight by Divan

Best Turkish delight, lokum. Divan Patisserie Turkish Delights with Pistachio, Rose & Lemon, Pomegranate & Pistachio, Almond, Persimmon (Hurma), Peppermint.

About Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight, beloved treat of Edmund in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, is a type of candy made of fruit juice and gelatin that is cubed and sugared. It was prepared in ancient Turkey by combining dates, honey, roses and jasmine and then it was bound together with gum arabic. Sometimes nuts are added into the mixture.

This Middle Eastern sweet is typically not served as part of a main meal but as a snack with coffee.

Some believe that jelly beans are descendants of Turkish Delight candies. The consistency of the jelly bean’s center is similar to that of Turkish Delights.

Divan Patisserie

Divan’s superb chocolates, Turkish delights, exquisite cakes and cookies, and full-flavoured coffee and fine teas have made us Turkey’s leading gourmet patisserie. Our Turkish Delight is on offer at some of the world’s finest emporia, including Galleries Lafayette and Harrods, so make sure to stop by and sweeten your stay in Istanbul.

Divan Patisserie
visit https://www.divanpastaneleri.com.tr/

Turkish Delight by Divan comes in exclusive gift boxes in a range of sizes featuring modern interpretations of historic Selchuk Turkish Motifs, as well as in more contemporary gift tins

Taking an age-old confection into the 21st century, Divan‘s Turkish Delights are a classic recipe housed in elegantly modern packaging. Discovered on a recent trip to Istanbul, Divan has been handcrafting these delicious delicacies since 2006. The small sugary cubes are comprised of a base of chopped dates, pistachios and hazelnuts and come in 13 intriguing flavors—including Orange, Rose Aroma, Lemon, Pistachio, Mint, Chocolate, Mastica, Almond, Ginger, Hazelnut, Cinnamon, Coffee, Chocolate Coated Rose.

If you’ve tasted a Turkish delight, you’ll know that chewy delicately perfumed flavour that engulfs the palate, softened by a dusting of icing sugar. Keeping to longstanding recipes, Divan has been crafting its confections for over 60 years.

Double-roasted pistachios give an ultra-moreish flavour to the sugary cubes, encased in a decorative tiled box inspired by Seljuk motifs. These traditional nutty treats are exactly as you’d expect; a total delight.

Turkish Coffee by Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi

Turkish Coffee 2x100g

Turkish Coffee is the name given to a type of coffee whose brewing techniques were invented by the Turks. It has a unique taste, aroma and presentation. The method invented by the Turks revealed coffee’s best flavour and aroma.

Turkish Coffee is made from high quality coffee beans that are blended and carefully roasted, then very finely ground. The coffee is mixed with water and cooked in a “cezve”, or Turkish Coffee Pot. The coffee is served in Turkish Coffee Cups.

Thanks to its strong body, a cup of hot Turkish coffee is a guaranteed favourite with all coffee lovers.

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